Video transcript: Learning at Audit New Zealand

Transcript for a video about learning and development opportunities at Audit New Zealand.

Title: Learning at Audit New Zealand

How much will you learn? You will learn an amazing amount, you will learn continuously. You will learn from Day One, Week One, Year One. You are supported to learn the auditing side of things, methodology, technical, CA papers, become a chartered accountant. You are supported through all your learning.

You will learn more in your first year with us, than you will have learnt in the 3 years of your degree. It’s an incredible amount, but you’re supported along the whole way.

Is it interesting work? Definitely interesting work. Every day’s different. You’ll work in different teams, different clients, different sectors, learning different things, every single day. And you will put into practice what you’ve learnt and grow exponentially. It’s an amazing learning journey.

Title: Learning at Audit New Zealand

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