Video transcript: Deren Mohanlall

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Manager Deren Mohanlall talking about the wide range of career opportunities at Audit New Zealand.

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Deren Mohanlall, Assistant Manager

Hi, I am Deren Mohanlall and I am an Assistant Manager at Audit New Zealand. The move to Audit New Zealand was all about knowing that what I do will make a difference. As an Assistant Manager I guide a number of colleagues through their work and studies. Coming to work each day knowing that you are supported and fully equipped to face any challenges ensures that each person walking through our door is trained and developed to the highest standards.

The Office and its leaders supported my interest in data analytics and creating a portfolio of clients that bring out the best in me. The office is led by experienced and knowledgeable directors and managers who have open door policies and the ability to influence our growth the most. Whatever your passion is there are endless opportunities at Audit New Zealand.

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Page created: 17 August 2021