Video transcript: What is TOIL?

Transcript for a video featuring Audit New Zealand staff explaining what TOIL – 'time off in lieu' – is.

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Title: What is TOIL?

Matt Donovon (Assistant Manager)

Like with any other sort of accounting or audit firm, we have various deadlines that we do have to meet, and to compensate us for that, work has a TOIL scheme in place.

Courtney Lim (Senior Auditor)

So TOIL is ‘time off in lieu’.

Logan Gowler (Intermediate Auditor)

During the busy period, you are flat-out, and working those extra hours is all part of it. But, ultimately, what it means is you can reap the benefits later on in the year and take big, extended periods of time off.


Lots of people use it to extend their holiday break; it’s quite nice particularly when the sun’s out. So sometimes I’ll take an extra Friday or Monday off and it means that I can have a longer weekend.


I shot over to Bali for a month on a rugby tournament and also had a massive break over the summer where I got to catch up with my family and friends.  


When the rest of the year opens up and we become a bit more free and the sun’s out and it’s much nicer weather, we do have an opportunity to use that TOIL, which is fantastic. On those summer or more holiday-type periods, we’re not as busy, so it gives us a chance to: one, actually take some time off; but, two, make it a bit longer because we’ve got that extended leave. So it’s fantastic really; it’s a great way to do it.


I know a lot of other firms, they don’t offer the same opportunities that we have in terms of TOIL. At Audit New Zealand, we do have a very flexible working policy and it means the world to a lot of us employees because we’re able to use that flexibility and get that extra time off, which can help reward your employees.

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