Video transcript: Leon Pieterse

Transcript for a video featuring Audit Director Leon Pieterse talking about moving to New Zealand to work at Audit New Zealand.

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Leon Pieterse (Audit Director)

Well I was born in the bush, Nietverdiend, close to Botswana border. I had my own practice in Randburg in Johannesburg. I came here January 2008, so it’s nine years, going on ten. Started with Audit New Zealand in May 2008, down in the Wellington office. Two years later I got the opportunity to move up to Auckland, because I’ve got some family there, and then also joined our Specialist Assurance team. Since 2010, I’ve been in the Auckland office.

It’s great living in New Zealand. I think what I found most interesting, I grew up on a farm, my Dad used to talk about “You can fix everything with bloudraad en tang,” which means a pair of pliers and a piece of wire. It’s the same attitude with the kiwis, so they talk about number eight wire. And there are so many similarities, in personalities, the values, between what we had in South Africa and what we found here with kiwis.

It’s difficult to say what’s the best thing about living in New Zealand. There are so many best things.

We always enjoyed camping, and I realised that you need much less to camp with in New Zealand than you do in South Africa. Because we are very close to the sea, so we go kayaking, fishing. And making friends is just as easy as it was in Randburg, if not easier.

I think Audit New Zealand’s one of the places I’ve seen that support their people the best. I can speak from personal experience, not only me personally but my family as well. When we moved here one of my kids struggled a bit. I got help through Audit New Zealand.

I was in private sector in my past, so moving to public sector I was a bit sceptical about how different it will be. What I found very refreshing is the level of training, the focus on quality, how proud everyone is about what they do.

Thinking of coming to New Zealand, just realise it’s a different country. Don’t think it’s just going to be easy just walking in and just fitting in. You have to have the right attitude, and if you have the right attitude it’s not difficult. I think that goes for every country you’re going to. Depends on your own attitude. Other people can’t make you happy and they can’t make you fit in. That’s your job.

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