Asset management

Managing assets well will result in reduced risk and better value for money. These documents, written by our specialist audit and assurance services team, provide guidance on planning for your assets to be managed effectively and efficiently.

What good looks like: Asset management

This guide is for governors and senior managers. It poses questions and provides some of the indicators of whether your organisation meets our definition of what good looks like. It can help you work out whether you are managing your property, equipment, and infrastructure assets effectively.

Asset management and long-term planning: Learning from audit findings 2015 to 2017

This publication is intended to be a resource for public sector organisations that manage significant infrastructure networks and other asset categories.

Asset management for public entities: Examples from local government

Good asset management makes an essential contribution to the governance and management of an entity’s business. This publication is a resource for public sector asset managers and their organisations and governing bodies.

Page last updated: 1 December 2022