Performance reporting

Managing performance effectively is critical to the success of a well-run public entity. These documents provide guidance on specific topics including annual reports, statements of intent, and performance management.

Although some of our guidance documents were published a few years ago, we regularly review them to ensure that the information is not out of date. The principles in these guidance documents remain relevant and applicable, and the examples are still useful.

Cover page of Good practice in reporting about performanceGood practice in reporting about performance

This publication, jointly prepared by Audit New Zealand, the Office of the Auditor-General, and the Treasury, provides guidance for preparers of annual reports on performance reporting. We looked at about 40 annual reports from public organisations in central government and chose good practice examples.

This guidance will be updated as we come across other good examples, and we welcome suggestions for other examples we could share.

District health boards: Quality annual reports

This publication discusses characteristics of annual reports that we consider are necessary for good accountability.

The resource, which we worked with the Office of the Auditor-General to produce, is intended to help district health boards consider whether their annual reports present complete and meaningful performance information about their services and about the impacts of those services on the health of people in their community.

District Health Boards: Learning from 2010–2013 Statements of Intent

This publication, jointly published by Audit New Zealand and the Office of the Auditor-General, was written to help district health boards to prepare their 2011-14 and future Statements of Intent.

Improving reporting of non-financial measures and targets

Staff in the Auditor-General's office reviewed statements of intent to determine the context for performance measures as well as entities' process and rationale for selecting them. 

They've observed generally good development in SOIs, especially in their medium-term components, and noticed positive improvements in SOIs' accessibility and presentation. There are three common areas that could be improved...

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