Video transcript: TOIL: Time off in lieu

Transcript for a video about TOIL - 'time off in lieu' - at Audit New Zealand.

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Peter Kwon

As a part of the job there's three months of the year where we call it our busiest period. You're expected to do some extra hours but Audit New Zealand is able to compensate you for this with what we call TOIL.

Aroha Kithulagoda

TOIL is 'time off in lieu', so it allows you to take a good break for either if it's for study or if it's for just time off to holiday and relax and unwind, which is really beneficial when you've been working hard and you've been studying hard that you're actually allowed the extra time to think about your own well-being, which is really important.


So at the end of the year you'll have a TOIL balance which you can use to extend your holiday or get it cashed out before Christmas. This year I'm planning to extend my summer leave so that I can go up to Auckland and visit family and to recharge for next year.

Courtney Lim

Sometimes I'll take an extra Friday or Monday off and that means that I can have a longer weekend. I know a lot of other firms, they don't offer the same opportunities that we have in terms of TOIL. At Audit New Zealand we do have a very flexible working policy and it means the world to a lot of us employees because we're able to use that flexibility and get that extra time off which can help reward your employees.

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