Video transcript: Clarence Susan

Transcript for a video featuring Audit Director Clarence Susan talking about moving to New Zealand to work at Audit New Zealand.

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Clarence Susan (Audit Director)

I was brought up in Northern Transvaal in a town called Potgietersrus, and then I studied in Johannesburg. But I moved down to Cape Town just after I qualified and I lived there for the last 20 years before moving to New Zealand. For me personally, and my family, it was quite an easy landing on this side, because we were really well supported by Audit New Zealand. So the whole move was really not that hard.

What’s it like living in New Zealand? I think it’s the closest thing to heaven. The best bit is the outdoors. It’s a very safe country. The weather is really good in the North Island. So we all enjoy going camping, playing golf, fishing, pretty much the outdoors. The lifestyle in New Zealand’s very similar, or can be very similar, to that that I was used to in South Africa.

Audit New Zealand, I think, is one of the best employers I’ve ever worked for. The support is really exceptional, the training is really good right from AA1 level right through to Director level. They invest a lot of time and energy into keeping us up to date. Not only the financials and accounting standards, auditing standards, but also in your personal growth, like leadership and things like that. It’s really one of the organisations that I feel really do care about people, and they do invest in us.

Predominantly, my clients are all in the Local Government sector. I also do health boards, I’m in the energy sector as well, council-controlled organisations, some airports, contracting companies, and tourism organisations, so it’s quite a wide variety, which is quite stimulating.

Before you move to New Zealand, make sure that that is what you want to do. Be sure that you’ve got the family on board. It is all about attitude. You have to have an attitude of accepting change. You have to, to be able and be motivated to actually embrace life on this side of the world. It’s not difficult but it is different. If you’ve got the positive attitude you’ll enjoy the journey. 

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