Video transcript: Shamimi Salahuddin

Transcript for a video featuring Senior Auditor Shamimi Salahuddin talking about studying and working at Audit New Zealand.

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My name is Shamimi Salahuddin, I am a Senior Auditor here at Audit New Zealand.

So when you first start at Audit, they won’t put you straight into studying. So they will help you to just understand your work first, understand your role here, understand how audit works basically, because you would have been just coming from Uni, you have to adjust your schedule, so they don’t want to put that added pressure on you while you are still adjusting. So this gives you a lot of time to just focus on one thing, just focus on being a good auditor before taking on more responsibility in studying.

When it is time to study the Office will provide you a lot of support for studying. Everyone in the Office here knows what you are going through. They’ve been through it, they’ve done it before, so usually the supervisors will take this into account when doing your work allocation.

The office is not going to put you on travel jobs two, three days before your exam. So it’s just these little things that help you to focus on making sure that you are studying properly, taking care of yourself, and easing those exams.

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