Video transcript: Career progression at Audit New Zealand

Transcript for a video about your first four years at Audit New Zealand.

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Ali Scholes

In your first year at Audit New Zealand you're very much just a part of the audit team. You get a lot of guidance from your audit supervisor and other more senior team members.

Aroha Kithulagoda

It’s quite cool to see the tie in from uni, of how, what you learn about as a concept, like payroll and how it’s actually done and implemented in real-life situations.


In your second year you get a little bit more responsibility. You might be leading some sole charge audits or some smaller audits with one or two team members. And in your third year you are given slightly bigger clients. You might probably be leading most of your jobs.

Robert Whitefield

This is the point where you are really starting to step up and actually project manage the audit. So while you might be a member of a team on some larger jobs you will also be expected to start running some smaller jobs.

Logan Gowler

It’s amazing what you learn in three years, just from being here and being surrounded by the experience of the managers and the appointed auditors that we have at the organisation. But also, the growth that you get from talking to different clients from different walks of life, you know. You get to work with some really great people and you can kind of take that and incorporate that into what you do.

Sandip Patel

As a fourth year you get a lot of opportunity to actually handcraft what goes into the audit report as well as the audit plans. You are a lot more hands on within the teams in terms of managing as well as the detailed audit procedures that you are conducting.

Callum van Dyk

You have a really cool opportunity here to prove yourself to others and when they trust you, they will give you hard work. And that’s quite a rewarding feeling, when people are trusting you to actually do complex work.

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