Video transcript: Shamimi Salahuddin talking about year group support

Transcript for a video featuring Senior Auditor Shamimi Salahuddin talking about year group support.

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Shamimi Salahuddin, Senior Auditor

My name is Shamimi Salahuddin. I am a Senior Auditor here at Audit New Zealand.

When you start at Audit, you don’t start alone, you start with your year group. So this could be another 11 people, 12 people, 13 people, and everyone will be on the same path as you are. So when you are studying someone is always next to you studying doing the same thing. So this helps you because you’ll have your study group, you have someone to share your materials with, someone whose gonna just be there for you, and support you well while you are going through this not so easy journey. And I think that is really, really important just to have someone there who just understands you.

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Page created: 19 August 2021