Video transcript: Athol Graham

Transcript for a video featuring Audit Director Athol Graham talking about working at Audit New Zealand.

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Athol Graham (Audit Director):

A key part of what we do to make sure that our people are able to do their jobs professionally, effectively and capably is invest a lot of money and time in professional development. It’s often thought that auditors deal mostly with the financials, the balance sheets, profit and loss statements, but quite a key part of what we do, especially in the public sector audits, is look at their performance reporting.

So this might be – in New Zealand Blood’s case – the performance measures around the volume of blood that they’re supplying, and the way that they’re safeguarding it, and the quality of the systems they have in place. At Auckland Council it might be around ensuring that all the eating establishments have licenses that they need to have in place and that the resource consents that have been issued have been complied with. So we look at much more than just the numbers. It’s more than a balance sheet and the P&L. It’s about how they use the money to deliver what the public expect them to do.

A key part of what we do at Audit New Zealand is ensuring that the public has trust in the public sector and New Zealand has long had a reputation for being free from bribery and corruption. And I think that one of the things that really excites me about working at Audit New Zealand is we have the opportunity to ensure that that stays that way. We directly influence the way our clients report and are transparent about what they’re doing with the money they’re entrusted with.

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