Video transcript: Working with clients

Transcript for a video about how our auditors work with clients on a day-to-day basis.

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Logan Gowler

Whether you're a first year grad, coming in for the first time, or supervising the audit after a few years that you have been at the organisation, it's that client interaction that is expected of you.

Ariana Abbott

We often work face to face with clients and with people. It’s not about sitting at a table all day and working on your laptop. You will be quite often up out of your seat and moving around, talking to people.


You'll be talking to finance managers, CFOs, asset managers, members of senior management across all parts of the organisation. And when you're talking to them it’s not just about the finance stuff. It’s also about their business operations and their performance as a whole.


Learning a lot of new systems and processes that occur at these places is really interesting and also benefits your skills and knowledge.

Callum van Dyk

No two clients are the same. Just being able to be adaptable, being able to change your approach for different situations and really work with the client to come to some understanding of how their system works, how it differs from the last client’s system, and then work out how you are going to audit them with that system and then get assurance over that balance.

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