Video transcript: Sandip Patel

Transcript for a video featuring Assistant Manager Sandip Patel talking about career progression at Audit New Zealand.

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Sandip Patel, Assistant Manager

My name is Sandip Patel and I am an Assistant Manager in the Wellington Office.

I managed to join the Graduate Programme in 2016. When I got to work on a range of clients in my first year, and as I progressed through my roles as an Assistant Auditor to Assistant Manager. I got to travel the whole organisation. Had various roles within the organisation as well through my secondments, as well as the Accounting Technical Team.

In spite of that role I managed to work on very complexed accounting technical situations where that my clients faced. I got to advice teams on working towards a solution.

Second part of that role was to provide training to the organisation. So I did large presentations to our graduate auditors all the way up to our appointed auditors. The work was really challenging but also really rewarding. I got to work on really complexed situations that really challenged and tested me throughout those times. But I managed to get a whole range of skill sets that I still am benefitting from. From public speaking all the way to my accounting technical knowledge.

What I really like working at New Zealand is that no day is the same. I get to meet people whole different roles and responsibilities. It’s really exciting to meet those people as part of my role. Second part also I like about my role is, knowing that I have clear progression path where I want to go at Audit New Zealand.

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