Video transcript: Training and development at Audit New Zealand

Transcript for a video featuring Audit New Zealand staff talking about the training and development they receive.

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Title: Training and development at New Zealand

Nicole Cooper (Senior Auditor):

After my first year at Audit New Zealand I can say that I've learnt so much more than I ever thought I could. I now feel comfortable and that I can talk to my clients I can understand what their business does and what they're doing and what auditing actually is all about. And I just think it's a really good learning and training environment. It's supportive and it's a great place to be.

Amy Soper (Assistant Manager):

The training at Audit New Zealand is really beneficial to us. It helps us keep up to date with the changes that are going on with any accounting standards or any changes that are happening in the sectors that we audit. It helps us have informed conversations with our clients and do our job better.

Robert Whitefield (Assistant Auditor):

I think it teaches you a lot of different transferable skills. Things like being able to get your head around a client really, really quickly – to understand what their business is about, what they do as an organisation – and then being able to apply that to the tasks that you’ve been set  

Campbell Ross (Auditor):

The training at Audit New Zealand is great just because of the sheer amount of training that we get throughout the year.

Raam Gnanasekaran (Graduate Auditor):

Training and development at Audit New Zealand is great because you are given the opportunity to work with an amazing team who can show you what it means to strive for a high-performing and trusted public sector.

Amy Hamilton (Manager, Technical, Professional Practices Group):

The one thing that I like about training at Audit New Zealand is that I get to be one of the presenters. And the best thing for me is getting to see staff develop from right in their grad year through to their fifth year as we have different training set up for each year to slowly build their knowledge from a graduate up to an assistant manager. And then of course we still provide training to all of our managers and directors as it’s all about continual professional development.

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