Case study 2.9

Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples.

Masterton District Council – Being focused and clear when expressing levels of service allows asset managers and service users alike to be clear about what is expected

Masterton District Council expresses its levels of service well in its asset management plans. It is very focused on those aspects of the service it has determined are important to local people. For example, the Water Supply Plan has two levels of service:

  • to provide an efficient and effective water supply systems; and
  • to provide water supply services in a manner that is acceptable, safe, and has minimal environmental impact.

These statements are written in a way that should be easily understood by the public, and make very clear the standard of service that customers can expect. The levels of service are supported by a suite of 10 performance indicators that give the Council something meaningful from a technical perspective that are also linked directly back to the customer levels of service. The Council has clearly described how the levels of service contribute to the community outcomes to ensure that the way the Council manages its assets helps to achieve its strategic goals.

Masterton District Council’s current levels of service, performance measures, and targets for water supply services [Abbreviated]

Level of servicePerformance measuresBaselinePerformance targets
2007/082009/102010/112011/12Years 4 to 10
Provide efficient and effective water supply systems Customer satisfaction with urban water supply services 84%

Peer group average: 88% (within margin of error)
Maintain satisfaction and equal or exceed peer group average
Proportion of the time that treatment plants are able to receive and treat raw water 100% 100%
Supply is re-stored within four hours following a planned or emergency shutdown 95% target met More than 95% of shutdowns
An alternative water supply is provided when shutdown exceeds 24 hours No shutdowns exceeded 24 hours 100% of occasions
Water supply assets managed to the level specified and agreed in the AMP* Filter refurbishment delayed and no water reticulation renewals were under-taken Work/ projects scheduled for this year are completed
Complete a six-yearly assessment of water service provision in the District Due: 2012 Due: 2012 Completed on time & 100% compliant with LGA 2002

* Asset management plan