Case study 2.4

Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples.

Hutt City Council – Considering funding sources makes it more likely that planned works are affordable

To improve and extend the "Parks and Reserves Activity" so that it can meet required standards into the future, the Council has agreed to a set of principles that come together as a development strategy. There is an explicit link between asset management plans and funding. For example, one link is to Council policy on development contributions to manage the effects of growth, capital spending, and the effects on services.

Extract from Hutt City Council’s Parks and Reserves asset management plan

Contributions by developers is on the basis of:

The financial contributions included in the Local Government Act 2002 will be enforced to recover some of the costs of growth, with an emphasis on achieving a fair allocation. Council’s reserves contributions system has been established. This allows for collecting growth-related costs both for acquisition of reserve land, and for upgrading the facilities on new and existing open space areas.