Case study 5.3

Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples.

Dunedin City Council – Good use of groups results in a co-ordinated approach, which means the organisation can be confident that all its planning is being done appropriately

Dunedin City Council co-ordinates asset management through its corporate asset planning function. The function is responsible for asset management development and implementation, and is supported by activity managers who form an Asset Management Working Group. The Council has a corporate Asset Planning Manager who chairs this group.

Wherever possible, the Council uses its in-house staff to carry out asset management, and individual service departments are formally responsible for their Activity Management Plans. However, the Council also recognises where its expertise is limited. External resources are used where there are skill gaps or specialist experience is needed in technical areas such as transportation modelling.

Asset managers work together and with corporate departments to develop information into a format suitable for asset management. They have linked a population model to Dunedin Geographical Information Service, which has a layer for population/growth and residential capacity.