Asset management and long-term planning: Learning from audit findings 2015 to 2017

A resource for public sector organisations that manage significant infrastructure networks and other asset categories.

Audit New Zealand has reviewed the asset management planning of public entities around the country. While many of our findings come from auditing local government, they are relevant to any organisation managing a significant portfolio of assets.

This report summarises some of our findings and draws attention to interesting practice, organisations that are doing well, and areas in which the public sector could improve. It provides some detailed feedback for asset managers, illustrated by our audit findings and case studies of notable practice. It also provides high-level messages for governors, including the ten questions that every senior manager and member of a governing body needs to know the answer to.

You are welcome to download a copy of this report. If you would like a printed copy of this report please email with your name and address and we'll put one in the mail.

Page last updated: 28 March 2017