Stephen Usher

Audit Director

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Stephen Usher
Cell: 021 244 0762

Stephen Usher took up the role of Associate Audit Director in 2020, and has since been appointed an Audit Director. He joined Audit New Zealand as an Assistant Manager in 2013 and has been based in Wellington since then.

Stephen’s portfolio covers a range of clients, with a focus on:

  • the health sector;
  • the education sector;
  • government departments; and
  • Crown entities.

Stephen previously worked in the UK, where he joined the Audit Commission as a Graduate. After being transferred to KPMG from the Audit Commission in 2012, Stephen moved to New Zealand to work for Audit New Zealand in 2013.

He has experience in auditing a range of other entities, including:

  • local authorities;
  • council-controlled organisations;
  • district health boards; and
  • state-owned enterprises.

Stephen leads Audit New Zealand’s internal knowledge network for the tertiary education sector.

Page last updated: 11 February 2022