Portfolio, programme, and project management

We've got three new resources!

The first is a new guide about project management for governors and senior managers. It can help you work out whether you're managing projects effectively.

The second is broader - it's about portfolio, programme, and project management - and it's also for governors and senior managers. 

The third is about managing benefits and it's for anyone managing projects. It describes three lessons from an IT procurement project’s post-implementation review and recommends some important benefits management principles.

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Model financial statements: Public benefit entities

These model statements are designed to help you provide essential information to the users of your financial statements. The models include our latest thinking on meeting financial reporting and legislative requirements.

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Model financial statements: For profit entities

These model statements use electricity distribution businesses and a licensing trust to show how to report your information.

Good practice resources


Good procurement

This guide for governors and senior managers poses questions and provides indicators that tell us whether your organisation is sourcing goods and services effectively. It is supported by  advice about the Government Procurement Rules and other requirements that affect the way you spend public money.


Effectively managing contracts

Contract management takes place once goods and services have been sourced and delivered. It has a strategic intent of maximising operational and financial performance while minimising risk - which includes managing real or perceived conflicts of interest.


Good performance reporting

Good performance reporting is critical to trust and confidence in an organisation. These documents provide guidance on topics including annual reports, statements of intent, and performance management.


Tax matters

As the leading provider of audit services to the public sector, we have an extensive knowledge of public sector tax issues.


Long-term plans

Having audited long-term plans since 2006, we understand the significant effort that councils invest in their preparation. Our guidance for the 2021-31 plans is relevant for thinking ahead to the 2024-34 plans.


Asset management

Managing assets well will reduce risk and provide better value for money. These documents provide guidance on planning for your assets to be managed effectively and efficiently.


Importance of a good relationship

Whangārei District Council successfully re-engineered its annual report process. It meant taking a step back, getting out of the detail, and questioning the way it was doing things – not just within the finance department, but throughout the council. A big contributor to its success was the relationship with Audit New Zealand...


We have a wealth of resources designed to help you prepare for your auditors, including a toolbox of "how to" videos, checklists, questionnaires, and other resources.

You can download lots of the documents so you can customise them for your organisation.

Client information updates

Each year (barring pandemics), we organise sessions for our clients to provide updates about the latest thinking in reporting, auditing, and other topics of value for the public sector.  

Our aim is to provide knowledge, expertise, and insights designed to respond to the needs of governors (including audit and risk committees, mayors, councillors, and board members) and senior managers.

The updates also include more technical, detailed advice for professionals involved with reporting.