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Audit opinions and reporting

Public sector audits result in two types of reports – an audit report and a report to governors.

The Audit Report details our findings on an entity’s published financial statements. If an entity has a statement of service performance, the audit report also includes our findings relating to the statement.

Our audit opinion is part of the Audit Report we produce. We express an opinion on whether the financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting practice and fairly reflect the entity’s performance and position. The audit opinion is designed to give readers reasonable assurance about the reliability of the information presented.

The Audit Report accompanies an entity’s financial statements in their annual report.

If the entity is required to produce a statement of service performance, then we express an opinion about that statement, too.

Our Report to Governors is issued to an entity’s governing body and details our key findings and recommendations about significant matters arising from the audit.

For some of our clients, our Report to governors also provides the basis for the letter to their entity’s Minister on significant matters arising from the audit.

Page last updated: 24 October 2019

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