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Good practice

This section has useful information and examples of good practice. We hope you will make use of these resources. Please let us know what you find useful and what else we could include on here.

What good looks like (guide series)

Our Specialist Assurance team has created guides to assist you. The first two in this series cover procurement and contract management. It’s essential that an organisation, and those responsible for its governance, understand the importance of carrying out these processes in a transparent, accountable, impartial, and equitable way that delivers best public value.

Bulletins: COVID-19 impact on public sector reporting

The state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus has significantly impacted most public sector entities. The consequences for the completion of annual reports and the annual financial statements are one part of this impact.

Client information updates

Each year, we organise sessions for our clients in order to provide updates about the latest thinking in reporting, auditing, and other topics of value for the public sector.

Our in-person and online Updates are over for 2021, and we are planning next year’s events. Keep an eye out for more information about our 2022 Client Information Updates.

Long-term plans: updated advice for councils

Having audited long-term plans (LTPs) since 2006, we understand the significant effort that councils invest in their preparation.

We want to make the audit process for the 2021-31 LTPs and consultation documents as straightforward as possible, so we’ve put together some information to help.

Client substantiation file

This tool box will help you prepare all the information your auditors will need to be able to complete your audit. You’ll find how to videos, check lists, questionnaires, and other resources in this extensive folder of information. We want your audit to be as smooth and efficient as possible. You’ll find you can download lots of the documents so you can customise them for your entity.

Tax matters

This section can help when dealing with a number of complex tax matters including, tax calculation and disclosure examples, GST treatment of land sales and purchases, deferred tax calculation guidelines, and accounting for tax loss transfers.

Model financial statements and commentary

Audit New Zealand’s model financial statements and commentary have been developed to help entities provide essential information to the users of financial statements. The models include our latest thinking on meeting financial reporting and legislative requirements.

For entities using PBE Accounting Standards:

Crown entity (tier 1 and 2) tertiary education institution (tier 1 and 2)
government department (tier 1 and 2) council-controlled organisation (tier 3)
district health board (tier 1) Administration bodies and reserve boards (tier 4)
local authorities (tier 1 and 2) Cemeteries (tier 4)

For entities using for-profit reporting standards:

Guidance for financial reporting by electricity distribution businesses in 2021
Guidance for financial reporting by licensing trusts in 2021

Performance reporting

Managing performance effectively is critical to the success of a well-run public entity. These documents provide guidance on annual reports, statements of intent, and performance management.

Managing assets

This section has been developed to share learning from our long-term plan audits. Asset management for public entities: Learning from local government examples, and Asset management and long-term planning: Learning from audit findings 2015 to 2017.

Other resources 

This section contains information about public sector audits and resources published by other organisations.

You can also check out the Auditor-General’s auditing standards on the Office of the Auditor-General’s website and the accounting standards on the XRB website.

Working with your auditor - Whangarei District Council

Page last updated: 17 August 2021